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Ways to Wear Outfits on Eid 2018

Anum Omair

Posted on June 06 2018

Ways to Wear Outfits on Eid 2018

Eid is just around the corner and you know what that means! The ladies are all going to be rushing to the malls and markets or even online to get their Eid outfits. All kinds of outfits are available in the market and you can definitely find one which will fulfil your requirements. There is a wide variety of Eid outfits such as kurtas with flared pants, ghararas, the classic kurta shalwars, peplums with cigarette pants or bell bottoms. You can also opt for a western look with short fancy shirts and straight pants or off-the-shoulder designer tops and pair it with whatever you like.  

One of the most famous outfits for Eid is the timeless Kameez or frock with trousers or ghararas and dupatta. These are the traditional desi outfits and are the perfect go-to look for Eid. There are a number of ways these can be worn, with different bottoms and different ways to accessorise each outfit. So here I will be listing some of the ways they can be worn and you can choose the look which attracts you the most.

Frocks with Ghararas

Long, flared frocks can go really well with ghararas. The ghararas will give you a complete traditional look. So, you can choose to wear whatever you want with the frock, if you would like to go with the desi look, opt for wearing it with gharara and drape a dupatta stylishly and you are all set to rock that eastern look!

Kameez with straight trouser

This outfit is one of the most famous looks for Eid. Designers are rolling new and new designs and patterns for kameez and trousers each year. The kameez can be off-the-shoulder, sleeveless, half sleeved, or with full flared sleeve. You can choose whichever one you like the most. The whole 3-piece suit can be worn quite elegantly with the dupatta draped exquisitely over one arm, or it can also be worn in the neck, or you can also drape it fully in front of the shirt.

Frock with Cigarette Pants

You can wear the frock with cigarette pants. The cigarette pants will give complement the desi look with a touch of modern. If you want to go for a bit more modern touch, wear it with a cigarette pant or trouser. You can drape the dupatta over an arm or put it on both arms from behind the back. Heels will go well with this look as it will make you look a taller with the long frock.  

So, these are some of most famous kinds of outfits that women and girls choose to wear on Eid. The Eid look is not complete without accessorizing the outfit and there are numerous ways to accessorize it so that you can rock the full Eid look. So now I'll be listing some of the ways to accessorize your Eid outfit.


Bangles, or churian as we call them in Urdu, are one of the most obvious ways to glam up your Eid outfit. You can opt for matching fancy bangels, or simple glass ones. They really complement your look and you can never go wrong with these!


This piece of earwear is the most famous one for women and girls to wear on Eid. Jhumkays are a timeless classic and a matching pair with your dress will go really well. They look really chic and desi at the same time. 


This one goes without saying. Mehndi is one of the most important aspects during Eid. You can get a light, simple design or you can opt for a more heavily detailed one. 


Embroidered or simple, khussays can be worn both ways and they will really compliment your overall desi look. 


Heels can also be worn with these dresses and it will totally go with them. You can get matching glittery heels or simple ones, depending on your style and rock them!


There is a wide range of neckpieces that be worn with Eid outfits. You can choose the desi kind of neckpieces that will go well with your jhumkay, or you can also opt for a simple, more basic kind of neckpiece.


There are a number of ways in which to style your hair. If you are wearing big jhumkay or earrings, you should opt for a hairdo that makes them prominent. You can make a side bun or a stylish side braid. Or you can let your hair loose and wear it however you think will go well with your outfit and accessories.


No look is complete without makeup obviously but you need to know what kind of makeup would go well with your overall look. If you have accessorized heavily, then a minimal makeup look would go well. But if you haven't accessorized a lot, then a heavy makeup look will complement your overall look. 

So, these are just some of the many ways you can wear and accessorise your Eid look. You can put your creativity to use and wear and accessorize your outfit however you like best too. Rock that look, ladies!


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